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White Swan Hotel
21 June 2010

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18 June 2010

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Looking Sweet
6 June 2010

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Arctic Circle...
3 June 2010

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Durian anyone???
31 May 2010

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Mum and Daughter
9 May 2010

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Having a rest
20 February 2010

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3 January 2010

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Florida Oranges
22 January 2009

Recent Comments

Katalog Stron on White Swan Hotel
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Alisha on White Swan Hotel
beautiful !! :)

Nooshin on White Swan Hotel

Kathryn on Aerial View of Grand Canyon

jamesy on White Swan Hotel
beautiful Fliss

Susan on White Swan Hotel
beautiful shot fliss!! must have been heaven staying there!!!

Ronnie 2¢ on White Swan Hotel
I am trying to imagine the softly engaging impact of this in an interior . . what a lovely idea. They sure love that ...

Anthony Morgan Lambert on White Swan Hotel
an amazing sight !!

Linerberry on White Swan Hotel
Wow it looks like a miniature paradise:-)

Pablo on Hummingbird
i like this photo! Its difficult to catch one of this birds. Congrats!

Pavan Kaul on Hummingbird
Fabulous processing and motion!

Susan on Hummingbird
cool shot fliss...looking forward to tuesday!!!!

marc battault on Hummingbird
a beautiful grain! friendships!

Jeff on Hummingbird
Your humming bird is very nice,but come on Mother your beautifull Daughter is far nicer than our feathered friend,more ...

Curly on Hummingbird
It's a great shot, but I'm not sure about the post processing, a personal taste thing I guess. you are so ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Hummingbird
Fliss, I so envy you the wonderful sense of dare-to-be-different free abandon with which you have expressed yourself in ...

Linerberry on Hummingbird
Oh Fliss this is superb!!! The shot is amazing and I really love your processing!!!

tyan on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
this is beautiful!:) have a great time being mommy!:)

DarkElf on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
superb textures can be seen from above and you captured them beautifully! well taken - it is never easy to take photo ...

Susan on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
cool shot fliss....someday, i should scan some of the film shots i have from my trip out there.....wonder how ...

marc battault on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
wonderful !!!! friendships

kiwisa on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
It is hard enough to take an aerial shot, so you have done incredibly well from your stifling hot cabin. It is a pretty ...

Judy on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
Wonderful colors captured of that huge 'crack' in our earth!

Ronnie 2¢ on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
Everyone comes back with a different slant on that location - I guess because of the vastness of it all. You musta ...

Linerberry on Aerial View of Grand Canyon
Wow my girl this is a cracker!!!! Lozvely to see you post! Hope Motherhood is treating you very pleased for ...

kiwisa on Grand Canyon West, Arizona
Oh wow - lucky you to have got there. Amazing shot:)

Wild Mustang Photography on Grand Canyon West, Arizona
Beautiful! Yes ,my weakness is for the West! Color and composition, wonderful! Looks like a beautiful post card!

Ronnie 2¢ on Grand Canyon West, Arizona
How come my mom don't take me to fabulous places like this ? McDonald's is as far as I get . .

Susan on Grand Canyon West, Arizona
I went to the Grand Canyon with my mom too!!!!

Martin on Looking Sweet
She certainly does! A perfect image for the family album :)

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Looking Sweet
sweet portrait and her eyes are wonderful !! all the best to you all !!

DowsherVision on Arctic Circle...
Magnifique !!! Wonderful one.

DowsherVision on Looking Sweet
Super portrait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff on Looking Sweet
Tell your Mam she's got a beautifull daughter..Jeff said !. ;>)

kiwisa on Looking Sweet
Oh what a beauty:) Great portrait

Susan on Looking Sweet
great catch fliss..... I can't wait to get to her again, with MY camera!!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Looking Sweet
A perfect treasure . . so, so happy for you !

Judy on Looking Sweet
♫•♫*¨*♫• There she is.... Miss America.... ♫•♫*¨*♫• ...your sweet, sweet child!

Susan on Arctic Circle...
great catch fliss!!!!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Arctic Circle...
Not just the ace experience but the pic you took is amazing when I think of all the disappointing shots I've taken ...

Elora on Arctic Circle...
Very cool! Wel captured, it's always hard taking pictures from a plane!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Arctic Circle...
What an amazing thing to do,something you can tell Shauna all about when she´s older :-)

Judy on Durian anyone???
Mike and I just watched Andrew Zimmer on Bazaar Foods on the Travel Channel. Durian was something he tasted, but ...

Susan on Durian anyone???
Cool shot, and like your color choice....How come you didn't taste it????

Jeff on Durian anyone???
Unwashed socks,turpentine,carrion in custard..Sounds really delightfull "YUK".

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Durian anyone???
i´ve heard it stinks something terrible :-(

Ronnie 2¢ on Durian anyone???
Neat street documentary. I can imagine there was endless scope for shots like this .. . did you feel there were undue ...

Curly on Durian anyone???
I guess the yellow thing is this Durian. Doesn't look very appetising Lol :-)

DIXX on Shamien Island Canal
I like the soft colors and the reflections

Jean-Michel on Six Banyan Tree Temple Pagoda
Nice image ! Seemms to be a drawing....maybe because of the contrast ! cheers

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